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Matthew Swanston

Canadian in China

Category / Opinion

“Home” is an Abstraction

“Home has less to do with a piece of soil and more to do with a piece of soul.”

International schools represent the “salad bowl” model of cultural integration. The children of expatriate families, who often bounce between continents at the mercy of employment relocation, converge at elementary and secondary schools designed to provide Western education in foreign countries. These expat kids experience a range of cultural climates growing up, and as a result, they form communities free of the entrenched prejudices and deeply-held convictions that are common in more rooted societies. Their greatest similarity is a lack of allegiance to any single country — as well as the values inherent to that country — and, most importantly, their constantly evolving notion of “home”.

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Why Writing Skills Are More Valuable Than Ever

In this digital age, information is so accessible and travels so rapidly, a single piece of writing can cause global shock waves.

Although you may not consider yourself a “writer,” the text message you sent earlier is all the qualification you need. In today’s world, proficiency in writing is more important than ever, evidenced by the widespread popularity of online communication. The internet has made our writing visible. Through email, social media, website forums and more, we regularly express ourselves without using our vocal cords. That’s all writing is: the imperfect translation of swirling abstract thoughts into precise nonverbal language for the purpose of expressing an idea. Yes, even a 140-character tweet counts. But if the idea isn’t articulated well, it could be misinterpreted.

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